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Elevation Equipment



Elevation Equipment is a unique franchise specializing in high-access solutions for individuals and professionals alike. We develop and provide a wide range of technical products that ensure our customer’s safety—all available at competitive rates.

With over 35 years of experience in Europe and unprecedented transatlantic success, Elevation Equipment aims to become the standard in solutions that allow users to access, work, move, and park in high-access spaces in complete safety. The company is now expanding into the UK market and Ireland.

Elevation Equipment is founded on the following four principles:

With our own design office and testing facilities, Elevation Equipment has the means to commit to continuous research and development. We are able to anticipate our customers’ needs and rigorously follow the regulatory developments in every country we operate in.

In everything we develop, we are committed to scrupulously respecting all current standards and ensuring our franchises and customers are kept up to date.

Customer satisfaction
Our culture of customer satisfaction is at the heart of our company’s strategy and development. This value permeates every level of our business as well as our relationships with franchise owners and partners.  

Ongoing development
We are proud of our ongoing commitment to development, both when it comes to extending our geographical reach as well as gaining more market share with every store. 


What we do

At Elevation Equipment we position ourselves as specialists in high-access solutions, and we are proud of our ability to create, manufacture, and distribute our own products in order to offer clients solutions adapted to their individual needs.

Thanks to our own design office and testing facilities, Elevation Equipment is also able to produce innovative and made-to-measure products to meet various requests that are unique to our clients. 

All 6,000 of our products have been developed based on the strictest safety codes to ensure complete security. 


Our clients

Elevation Equipment products cover the needs and expectations of a large client base of individuals and professionals in the construction and renovation industries.

When it comes to B2B relationships, our clients include professionals in the building and government industries as well as interior design and décor.

Our distinctions

Les deux magasins l’Échelle Européenne de Laval et Longueuil ont remporté, en 2016, la distinction "coup de cœur" pour le produit GEEKO.BAT durant la 32ème Exposition Contech Bâtiment. Le jury était constitué de 10 professionnels du bâtiment, des architectes ainsi que des responsables en développement durable. 



Elevation Equipment franchise

The concept

The strength of a Elevation Equipment franchise is its ability to provide and promote a large number of innovative and exclusive products.

The benefits for the franchisee

By being a part of the Elevation Equipment franchise network, you will benefit from a competitively priced initial investment as well as continuous support—from the time you first request information and all throughout your franchise experience.

Once your request has been accepted, you will attend a four-week training session that covers the following:

  • Week 1: Professional products
  • Week 2: Stairs
  • Week 3: Location/store
  • Week 4: Management tools (plus toolbox)

Another major benefit? You will be able to fully focus on the development of your store and your clients’ satisfaction, and Elevation Equipment will take care of all global communication at the local level (social networks, website, etc.).

Are you ready to become a L'Échelle Européenne franchisee ?

There is no one-size-fits-all profile for our franchise owners. Much like our clients, they come from a diverse variety of backgrounds.

No previous industry experience ? No worries. We don’t just need people with know-how—we also need people with know-how-to-be. 

Want to be your own boss and put your talent for versatility, resourcefulness, sales, and customer satisfaction to work ? Then get in touch today and set up an appointment with Valéria Lebedeva, UK and Ireland Development Executive: +447501111827 or v.lebedeva@echelle-europeenne.com

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General Information contact

Want to learn more about Elevation Equipment ?

Get in touch with : Valéria Lebedeva

UK and Ireland Development Executive




What kind of investment do I need to open an Elevation Equipment franchise ?
The initial investment required to start an Elevation Equipment franchise is one of the most competitive on the market.
For £72 000, you can open a 1,500 sq. ft. to 2,500 sq. ft. store with revenues of an average £1 million and a gross profit margin of 20% after two years. 

What’s the average size of an Elevation Equipment store ?

A typical Elevation Equipment store is divided into three zones: a storage area, showroom, and office space. The smallest possible store size is 1,500 sq. ft. but, as there is no maximum, your franchise can grow as you see fit based on the pace of your development, available surface area, and potential clients. 

I have no industry experience. Will this pose a problem ? 
Not at all, Elevation Equipment franchise owners come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Although many have experience in the building industry, others learned the trade from training and ongoing education. 

If you are curious, dedicated, and autonomous with a love for sales, you can be an ideal franchise candidate. We know that the business can be learned on the job, so we’re first and foremost looking for people that fit the profile. 

What’s the average wait time for the recruitment process ?
The recruitment process lasts an average of 12 weeks. During this time, we will be evaluating how well your project and your file fit together. We will also be available during this time to answer any questions you may have. 

When will I be able to open my franchise once my application is approved ?
Please allow about 8 weeks between your approval and the official opening of your franchise, in part because you will need to attend a four-week training course. 

Can I own more than one franchise?
Yes, of course! Once your initial Elevation Equipment franchise has proved successful, you will be able to open a second one, so long as it does not interfere with the success of your initial venture. 

Would another Elevation Equipment franchise be allowed to open near mine ? 
As an Elevation Equipment franchisee, you are guaranteed to be the only one allowed to operate under the brand name in your area. We’ve carefully studied the terrain to ensure no store has a negative impact on another. 

What kind of revenue can I expect as an Elevation Equipment franchise owner ?
Based on development models of franchises in France, you can expect revenues of £1 million and a gross profit margin of 20-30% as of your second year. 

Is financial support available to start my franchise ?
Although we can potentially provide funding ourselves, or our partnership with the HSBC bank was made to help you attain your franchise and the credit you need to get started.

Need more information ?
Please contact;
Valeria Lebedeva
UK and Ireland Development Executive
or v.lebedeva@echelle-europeenne.com



News group
07 September 2018

Elevation Equipment is always in search of innovation! In our manufacturing premises in St Jean de Védas, the group joined in July the movement "Franch Lab", that brings together and supports all the medium companies to participate in the growth of the French industries.

French Fab Elevation Equipment
02 July 2018

In the same spirit than French tech, French lab established in 2017 is a movement enabling medium companies to participate in the growth of the french industry. Elevation Equipment associated with the movement as they share same values and ambitions.

25 June 2018

More ergonomical, manageable, compact, the new platform GEEKO.CLICK comes to reinforce the range of Safe Working Platforms GEEKO.

31 May 2018

Elevation Equipment launches the BEESAFE technology, adjustable working platforms thanks to hydraulic energy.

News stores
28 September 2018

Our store Elevation Equipment in Toulouse is present at the housing expo from the 4th to 7th October in the Toulouse Exhibition center.